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mardi 16 février 2016

Haha And The Moonface (Up)

A1 - You Don't Move Me Baby Anymore
A2 - The Rest Of Your Life
A3 - This Won't Be The First Time
A4 - I Won't Forget
A5 - I Won't Get Dreamy Eyed
A6 - Tennessee Jive
A7 - You, You, You
A8 - Haha And The Moonface
B1 - I Cried In The Door Of Your Mansion
B2 - Betty Loraine
B3 - Birds And Butterflies
B4 - Hey Sweet Thing
B5 - In The Banks Of The Beautiful Nile
B6 - Rhythm In My Baby's Walk
B7 - Bawlin' Baby
B8 - Somebody's Rockin'

Vinyl Rip. Artwork.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Uncle Gil,

Do you have the Bear Family 7LP Boxset "The Early Years" ?

That would make a great post!

Uncle Gil a dit…

Sorry, I don't have this set.

Jan V a dit…

Thank you Uncle Gil for this album.