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samedi 23 janvier 2016

Drugstore Rock And Roll

A1 - Love And Kisses
A2 - Drugstore Rock And Roll
A3 - Hard Times Ahead
A4 - Here, Today And Gone Tomorrow Love
A5 - Will You, Willyum
A6 - Let's Elope Baby
A7 - Caught, Caught Ring A Leevio
A8 - The Memory Of You
B1 - Teen Street
B2 - Cry Guitar
B3 - Love Me To Pieces
B4 - Two Long Years
B5 - I Don't Hurt Anymore
B6 - Half Loved
B7 - Just Squeeze Me
B8 - My Confession

Vinyl rip. Artwork.

6 commentaires:

JOHN OF 58 a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil.

Merci pour cette super série cela ne nous rajeunit pas. Super retrouvailles avec la grande JANIS MARTINS. All the best.

Armin a dit…

Strange, cannot download anymore Zippyshare posts with ADF.LY. The "WAIT 5 SECONDS" doesn't work anymore. "Please wait ... " stops here, and nothing works. LOL. From other bloggers with Zippyshare "direct posts" it works. Also cannot download the ADF link with other downloaders. GRRRRR!

Donna Rose a dit…

Thanks for this one. I'd never heard of Janis before.
The Zippyshare link worked fine. perhaps there was a temporary glitch?

Jeff Ridinger a dit…

Janis Martin is the best. She recorded an album with Rosie Flores, The Blanco Sessions, which was released in 2012. It rocks every bit as hard as the early works, maybe more. The lp comes on pink vinyl.

Unknown a dit…


Cliff a dit…

Thanks for remembering Janis. The first female true rock and roller along with Wanda Jackson.