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jeudi 10 décembre 2015

Shackles And Chains (Up)

A01 - Ninety Nine Years
A02 - Shackles And Chains
A03 - The Prisoner's Song
A04 - Another Town - Another Jail
A05 - Allentown Jail
A06 - I Got Stripes
B01 - Twenty One Years
B02 - In The Jailhouse Now
B03 - Marie, Marie
B04 - Betty And Dupree's Blues
B05 - Columbus Stockade Blues
B06 - John Hardy

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

3 commentaires:

Mellow a dit…

Thanks, a great album!

Dirk Bill a dit…

Wow, on Kapp, another one of my favorite "lost labels" but the link is dead. Could you repost this please?

EW a dit…

The link is dead on this ... any chance for a reup? Thanks.