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jeudi 3 décembre 2015

Lonesome Tavern Blues

A1 - Bill Carroll - Feel So Good
A2 - Unknown Demo - For Rent
A3 - Unknown Demo - I Walk The Line*
A4 - George Jones - Who Shot Sam (Take 2)**
A5 - The Half Brothers - This Little Girl Of Mine
A6 - Arvil Meers - The Way You Want It
B1 - Jimmie Lee - The Little Things You Do
B2 - Unknown Demo - My Baby Left Me***
B3 - Johnny Clayton - Never Again
B4 - Pat And Dee - Don't Tease Me
B5 - Mel Price - Little Dog Blues
B6 - Eddy Benson - Lonesome Tavern Blues

*I Walk The Line (Benny Barnes)
** Who Shot Sam (Roger Miller) see comment
***My Baby Left Me (Leon Payne aka Rock Rogers)

1 commentaire:

howstean a dit…

The version of Who Shot Sam is actually by Roger Miller, not George Jones.