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lundi 28 décembre 2015

It Was The Whiskey Talkin' (Not Me) (Up)

01 - Humorous Banter
02 - Whiskey Talkin' (A Good Damn Country Song)
03 - Various attempts
04 - Whiskey Talkin'
05 - Whiskey Talkin'
06 - Whiskey Talkin'
07 - Whiskey Talkin'
08 - Whiskey Talkin'
09 - Whiskey Talkin'
10 - Shine On Harvest Moon
11 - San Antonio Rose
12 - Mona Lisa
13 - Whiskey Talkin' (Master 1)
14 - Whiskey Talkin' (Master 2)
15 - Too Weak To Fight (Live Unknown Venue)
16 - Late Night Lovin' Man (Live Unknown Venue))
17 - Interview with Myra Lewis 1
18 - Interview with Myra Lewis 2

(Home made cover)

I want to clarify that I am not the "manufacturer" of the CD-R that you find for sale on the  Bim-Bam Records  online shop.
Several of my home-made covers and enhanced music files were used for mercantile views  without that I'm being informed.


5 commentaires:

Willard a dit…

Thanks Gil. Glad to see all is alive and well. Added you back to our rolls. Cheers, Willard

Timmy a dit…

I thank you profusely for this rarity......

Exeter a dit…

This looks exceedingly rare AND interesting! Thanks a lot!

Franck Goldwasser a dit…

Is there any chance you could re-upload this? Thanks a million!

Franck Goldwasser a dit…

Merci infiniment!