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mardi 22 décembre 2015

Burn That Candle

A1 - Welcome To The Club
A2 - Burn That Candle
A3 - What About Tomorrow
A4 - Honey Bun
A5 - Kiss The Baby Goodnight
A6 - Just Look, Don't Touch, He's Mine
A7 - How Many Would There Be
A8 - Later On
B1 - I Heard About You
B2 - Anything Can Happen
B3 - Looking At The Moon, Wishing On A Star
B4 - I'm Having A Party All By Myself
B5 - Leave My Man Alone
B6 - Please Darlin' Please
B7 - Heartbreak Ahead
B8 - I Was Wrong

Vinyl rip. Covers, scans.

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