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samedi 7 novembre 2015

Who'll Buy The Wine

A1 - I'll Never Love No One But You
A2 - Fraulein
A3 - Who'll Buy The Wine
A4 - Release Me
A5 - Forbidden Wine
A6 - Be A Good Girl
B1 - I'll Be There
B2 - Helpless
B3 - Three Little Words
B4 - I Did It And I'm Glad
B5 - Double Life
B6 - The Last Song (I'm Ever Gonna Sing)

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6 commentaires:

metrobasser a dit…

this blog is so great!
i really appreciate owner.
may i request?
i'd like to listen to followings.

Lattie Moore
I'm Not Broke But I'm Badly Bent 1953-63 (Westside UK)

Gene O'Quin
Boogie Woogie Fever (Bear Family)

Moon Mullican
Showboy Special: Early King Sides (Westside UK)

Al King
Blues Master (Forevermore)

thank you

Uncle Gil a dit…

@metrobasser : are you related to "Music-Bazaar"?
Did you sold .mp3 files?

metrobasser a dit…

no, no,
i have no relation to Music-Bazaar.

Uncle Gil a dit…

OK! I can help with these ones :

Moon Mullican

Lattie Moore

metrobasser a dit…

thank you very very much!
i really appreciate you!

Jim D a dit…
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