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lundi 16 novembre 2015

Riba Daba Doo

A1 - Bob Braun - Rock'n Roll Country Girl
A2 - Don Rogers & Ann Tanner - Hey Boy Hey Girl
A3 - Lee Chandler - That's The Way Of Love
A4 - Jo Ann Campbell - Funny Thing
A5 - The Tyrones - Year Round Love
A6 - The Tyrones - My Rock'n Roll Baby
A7 - Lilyan Carol - Stop The Clock
B1 - Joe Barone - Yodlin' Boogie
B2 - Jeff Daniels - Daddy-o-rock
B3 - Mari Jones - Riba Daba Doo
B4 - Al Pittman - Crazy Beat
B5 - Jimmy Maddin - Hey Roc
B6 - Tony Nicholas & Hazeltones - Suzie Bell
B7 - Ronnie Love - Shakin' And Breakin'

5 commentaires:

big50s a dit…

this series are 8 volumes,do you have?

Uncle Gil a dit…

@big50s: Yes I have, but they are not my own rips... I'll search who is the ripper for give a credit, if possible...

big50s a dit…

Thanks my friend.it's a epic collection

Chocoreve a dit…

Merci de partager cette super série !

Anonyme a dit…

Please reup vol.1-8