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mardi 6 octobre 2015

You Better Not Go

A1 - You Oughta See Grandma Rock
A2 - Heart-Breakin' Mama
A3 - I Love You, Mama Mia
A4 - Fingertips
A5 - Keep Her Off Your Mind
A6 - What Am I Doing Here
A7 - Baby Wait
A8 - I Love You, I Love You, I Love You
B1 - You Gotta Be My Baby
B2 - Look Who's Cryin' Now
B3 - You Better Not Go
B4 - Let's Spend Some Time With Me
B5 - Let Me Know
B6 - Smoke Comes Out My Chimney Just The Same
B7 - I Can't Stand It Any Longer
B8 - The Echo Of Your Footsteps

1 commentaire:

Mike a dit…

Great classic country music - THANKS!