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vendredi 30 octobre 2015

The Revolutionary Man

A1. Meat man
A2. When A Man Loves A Woman
A3. Hold On I'm Coming
A4. Just A Little Bit
A5. Born To Be A Loser
B1. Haunted House
B2. Blueberry Hill
B3. The Revolutionary Man
B4. Big Blue Diamonds
B5. That Old Bourbon Street Church
C1. Silver Threads Among The Gold
C2. Hold On I'm Coming (fast version)
C3. Take Your Time
C4. All Over Hell And Half Of Georgia
C5. I Sure Miss Those Good Old Times
D1. Raining In My Heart
D2. Honey Hush
D3. Cry
D4. Margie
D5. Session Chatter # 8

Vinyl rip and scans by bopping

1 commentaire:

roberth a dit…

wow i have been listening to the 1964 live in hamburg
so i am way in the mood for jerry