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jeudi 8 octobre 2015

The All American Boy

A1 - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
A2 - Looking At The Moon And Wishing On A Star
A3 - I Am Music
A4 - I've Got To Win Your Love Again
A5 - I Need Your Love
A6 - But I Do
A7 - Be My Life's Companion
A8 - Heartbreaking One
B1 - The All American Boy
B2 - What A Lonesome Life It's Been
B3 - I'll Make Believe
B4 - I Can't Hold A Memory In My Arms
B5 - Bless Your Little Ol' Heart (You're Mine)
B6 - Big Family Trouble
B7 - The Love That Hurt Me So
B8 - Today I'm Movin' Out

1 commentaire:

Mike a dit…

Thanks for more Skeets! Great country singing from the past.