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vendredi 30 octobre 2015

That's The Way I Feel

A1 - Little Ole You
A2 - I Wanna Love My Baby
A3 - I'm Happy
A4 - That's The Way I Feel
A5 - Just Keep On A-Goin'
A6 - Baby Doll Blue Eyes
A7 - Cincinnati Fireball
B1 - You're Sixteen
B2 - Hey Stranger
B3 - Adress Unknown
B4 - Lovesick Blues
B5 - Cincinnati Fireball
B6 - Finders Keepers
B7 - Interview With Johnny Burnette
B8 - One-Sided Love Affair

Vinyl rip. Artwork.

3 commentaires:

Leopard Man a dit…

Has the Burnette Brothers website gone offline ?

I can't find it anymore !

Thanks !

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi Leopard Man,
It's still alive...Here it is :

Leopard Man a dit…

That's great, Uncle Gil.

Thanks a lot !