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vendredi 23 octobre 2015

Rattlesnake (Up)

A1 - Kary-On-Boogie (Rusty)
A2 - I Have A Feeling It Could Be You (Wiley)
A3 - Rattlesnake (Wiley)
A4 - Nothing Matters Dear (Doug & Little Sunshine)
A5 - I Wanna Wanna (Rusty & Doug)
A6 - I'm Gonna Leave Adieu (Rusty & Doug)
B1 - So Lovely Baby (Rusty, Doug & Wiley)
B2 - Stop, Look And Listen (Rusty)
B3 - I'm In Love (Wiley)
B4 - What Will You Do (Rusty & Doug)
B6 - I Gotta Brand New Baby (Wiley)
B6 - Let's Get Married Tonight (Doug)

Vinyl rip. Artwork.

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thank you very much.