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mercredi 10 janvier 2018

One Monkey Don't Stop The Show

01 - Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee
02 - Baby Baby Blues
03 - Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee
04 - Tall Pretty Woman
05 - Lonesome Road Blues
06 - Blues Mixture
07 - I'll Always Remember
08 - Blue And Brokenhearted
09 - My Baby's Comin' Back
10 - Drank Up All The Wine Last Night
11 - Venus Blues
12 - Southern Menu
13 - Let's Do It
14 - She's Gone Rock Away Blues
15 - House Warmin' Boogie
16 - Blue Barrelhouse
17 - One Monkey Don't Stop The Show
18 - Tennessee Waltz Blues
19 - You Gotta Have Something On The Ball
20 - Oh What A Face

Found somewhere on the clouds. Thanks to original uploader

6 commentaires:

Bob Mac a dit…

Just wondering if the Albert King (Trumpet) on these sessions is the great blues guitar Albert King or just another man with the same name.

MarcD a dit…

Hi yall,

'THE' Albert King,guitarist of 'STAX' fame recorded as a drummer behind Jimmy Reed.(Vee - Jay Records)

THIS Albert 'Al' King was a tenor sax player (not the trumpeter ,namesake),N.Y. session man.He recorded under his own name as:

Al King Orchestra (UPTOWN)
Al King & His Royal Crowns (MGM)
Al King & His Kingsmen (DAVIS)

Al King's picture adorns the front cover of the LP 'Thunderbolt' (Krazy Kat KK 778),which features 9 Al King selections a.o.


Albert 'Al' King Bio by Eugene Chadbourne


Uncle Gil a dit…

Thanks MarcD! Very informative.

Bob Mac a dit…

OK many thanks for that info MarcD, good to know.

Doug a dit…

Would it be possible to reup this CD please?

Doug a dit…

Thank you!