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mercredi 30 septembre 2015

Whoa Now (Up)

A1 - Lester's Stomp
A2 - Strange Things Happen
A3 - I'm So Tired
A4 - Lover Not A Fighter
A5 - Late Late In The Evening
A6 - Whoa Now
B1 - They Call Me Lazy
B2 - Bloodstains
B3 - Come On Home
B4 - Quit Foolin' Myself
B5 - Tell Me Pretty Baby
B6 - I'm Leavin'

Vinyl rip and scans by Silverlake

2 commentaires:

Junior! a dit…

I can't seem to find the link?
Thank you.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi! You are new here, uh? Click on the album title.