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vendredi 11 septembre 2015

I Been Down So Long

J.B. Lenoir/Lenore, Sunnyland Slim, Leroy Foster, Alfred Wallace, Snooky Pryor, Lorenzo Smith, Joe Montgomery, Al Galvin, Alex Atkins, Ernest Cotton, Leonard Caston, Willie Dixon, Junior Wells, Jesse Fowler…and some unknowns.

Labels, references, release dates, musicians details on back cover.

1. J.B. Lenore And His Bayou Boys - Deep In Debt Blues (2:43)
2. J.B. Lenore And His Bayou Boys - My Baby Told Me (2:52)
3. J.B. Lenoir - In The Evening (2:38)
4. J.B. Lenoir - Please Don't Go Away (2:22)
5. J.B. Lenore - Fine Girls (2:42)
6. J.B. Lenore - I Lost My Baby (3:09)
7. J.B. Lenoir - Daddy Talk To Your Son (2:35)
8. J.B. Lenoir - She Don't Know (2:21)
9. J.B. Lenoir - Back Door (2:16)
10. J.B. Lenoir - Lou Ella (2:33)
11. J.B. Lenoir - Oh Baby (2:12)
12. J.B. Lenoir - Do What I Say (2:03)
13. J.B. Lenoir - Move To Kansas City (0:27)
14. J.B. Lenoir - I Been Down So Long (2:36)
15. J.B. Lenoir - Mojo Boogie (2:44)
16. J.B. Lenoir - I Don't Care What Nobody Say (3:20)
17. J.B. Lenoir - Oh Baby (alternate) (2:24)

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