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lundi 21 septembre 2015

Get It, Get It (Up)

Ralph L. Scala (piano, organ, vocals)
Joey W. Stec (guitar)
Ron Gilbert (bass)
Claudia Lennear (vocals)
Chuck Blackwell (drums)

with Tom Brumley, John Nuese, Carl Raddle, Richard Torres, Jim Horn, Jack Kelso, Chuck Findley, Bob Tate, Randy Naylor.

1. Loving You More (2:50)
2. Who Could You Get (To Love You) (2:41)
3. Give Me Love (3:08)
4. Standing Here Alone (2:49)
5. Don't Blame Me (4:12)
6. I Don't Know (2:47)
7. Get It, Get It (3:26)
8. Baby Don't Cry (2:32)
9. To Do Me Right (1:44)
10. I've Got No Time (3:40)
11. I Take What I Want (5:15)

Vinyl Rip - Covers & Insert Included by searnav

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