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dimanche 9 août 2015

Tennessee Boogie

A1 - Jesse Stevens & Big Sandy Boys - Mama, Mama (Bluegrass)
A2 - Jesse Stevens - No Bluebirds In The Sea (Bluegrass)
A3 - Jesse Stevens - Go Boy Go (Bluegrass)
A4 - Joe Moon & The Stars Of Note - Live It Up (Hillcrest)
A5 - Joe Moon & The Stars Of Note - She's Gone (Hillcrest)
A6 - Arvil Meers - The Future I Hold (Arvil)
A7 - Arvil Meers - Muddy River (Arvil)
B1 - Clyde Pittman - Tennessee Boogie (Unissued)
B2 - The Boppers And Bob - Ittie Bittie Rockabilly (Unissued)
B3 - The Boppers And Bob - Pull It Man (Unissued)
B4 - The Boppers And Bob - Love Me, Hug Me (Unissued)
B5 - Tommy Stone - That's Allright, That's What Makes The World Go Round (Unissued)
B6 - Orville Fox - Honey, You Talk Too Much (Ellis)
B7 - Johnny Eastwood - Let's Do That Again (Unissued)

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