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mercredi 19 août 2015


RY COODER – MY NAME IS BUDDY - Nonesuch Label 7559 799612 (USA 2007)

Ry Cooder, Roland White, Pete Seeger, Flaco Jimenez, Mike Seeger, Joachim Cooder, Paddy Moloney, René Camacho, Van Dyke Parks, Terry Evans, Bobby King, Jim Keltner, Juliette Comagere, Stefan Harris, Jacky Terrasson, Mike Elizondo, Jon Hassell, “Buddy Redcat”, “Lefty Mouse”, “The Reverend Tom Toad”.

1. Suitcase In My Hand (2:54)
2. Cat And Mouse (5:02)
3. Strike! (5:08)
4. J. Edgar (2:37)
5. Footprints In The Snow (3:07)
6. Sundown Town (2:57)
7. Green Dog (7:33)
8. The Dying Truck Driver (4:56)
9. Christmas In Southgate (3:27)
10. Hank Williams (4:09)
11. Red Cat Till I Die (3:08)
12. Three Chords And The Truth (5:02)
13. My Name Is Buddy (3:12)
14. One Cat, One Vote, One Beer (4:16)
15. Cardboard Avenue (4:33)
16. Farm Girl (3:54)
17. There's A Bright Side Somewhere (4:49)

Artwork Included (front, back, 60 page booklet, CD). Damn job by searnav


4 commentaires:

JohnnyDiego a dit…

This is absolutely great!
Thank you, searnav, for taking the time to scan the booklet.
God bless Pete and Mike Seeger.

Searnav a dit…

JohnnyDiego, Ry coming soon on TZ.

daba a dit…

Thank-you very much and to Searnav.

rm a dit…

merci beaucoup