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jeudi 20 août 2015

Hot Guitars

A1 - Keith Anderson - Hot Guitars (Cozy)
A2 - Keith Anderson - I Need A Hit (Cozy)
A3 - Keith Anderson - It's Wrong For Fowing You (Cozy)
A4 - Vandergrift Brothers - She's Gone (Cozy)
A5 - Vandergrift Brothers - Sittin' Here A Crying (Cozy)
A6 - Dale Brooks - Ambridge Boogie (Cozy)
A7 - Bruce Lambert - I Can Read Between The Lines (Cozy)
A8 - Johnny Watson & His Night Owls - Let's Rock (Cactus)
A9 - Johnny Watson & His Night Owls - I'm Not Crazy (Cactus)
B1 - Dorse Lewis - Mexican Rock (Cozy)
B2 - Dorse Lewis - Hot Rod Boogie (Cozy)
B3 - E. Jones & V. Dickerson - Baby I Don't Mind (Cozy)
B4 - Butch Lester - Rosie (Bes)
B5 - Plain Slim & The O'Dells - One Little Teardrop Too Late (Cozy)
B6 - Hank The Cowhand - Popcorn Boogie (Cozy)
B7 - Hank The Cowhand - She's A Hum Dum Dinger (Unissued)
B8 - Hank The Cowhand - Fan It, Cool It (Unissued)

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…


Is it possible to get more White Label LP`s??
Thanks for your great blog.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Many are already posted... Use the search button at the upper left.
Good luck !

Anonyme a dit…


Yes, I`ve seen 23 first volumes.
But I mean can you upload 20 or more volumes or the full serie of White Label LP`s.

Thanks in advance