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dimanche 26 juillet 2015

Waltz of the Roses (Up)

1. Always in Love - Lefty Frizzell
2. Steppin´ Out - Lefty Frizell
3. Steppin´ Out - Jimmy Fields
4. Your Pictures On The Wall - Jimmy Fields
5. Waltz of the Roses - Ronnie Ray
6. The Blues Done Left Me - Ronnie Ray
7. Got You On My Mind ( Once Again ) - Ronnie Ray
8. A Tank Full Of Gas - Ronnie Ray

Found on the net. Posted by Stampede.

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jim brown a dit…

uncle gill a have been with u for good few years now but what a fantasic set of hank Williams realy made my day thanks too u its helped me build up a hank collection all the best on hanks 60th year cheers