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jeudi 30 juillet 2015

Hula Hoop Boogie

A1 - Eddie Gaines - Be-Bop Battlin' Ball (Summit)
A2 - Gus Pate - Man Alive (Summit)
A3 - Gus Pate - Kick Off - Instr (Summit)
A4 - Dewey Rothering - Wild Side Of Life (Summit)
A5 - Mike Page - Long Black Shiny Car (Royce)
A6 - Tag & Effie - Baby, You Done Flubbed Your Dub With Me (Summit)
A7 - Dwain Bell & Turner Brothers - Rock And Roll On Saturday Night (Summit)
B1 - J.D. Orr - Hula Hoop Boogie (Summit)
B2 - Shadie Oller - Come To Me, Baby (Summit)
B3 - Shadie Oller - You Sure Look Good To Me (Summit)
B4 - Norman Herman - Wildfire - Instr (Summit)
B5 - Jimmie Piper - Don't Play Around (Summit)
B6 - Dwain Bell & Turner Brothers - I'm Gonna Ride (Summit)

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

2 commentaires:

JohnnyDiego a dit…

I like this stuff. Thank you, Uncle Gill.

Scott1669 a dit…

Thank you Thank you Uncle Gill!!!!!! I lost all my White Label in my Great Hard Drive Crash of 2014!!!!! Fantastic stuff.