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vendredi 3 juillet 2015

Ever'body's Tryin' (Up)

A1 - Jerry Ross - Ever'body's Tryin'
A2 - Art Adams - Dancing Doll
A3 - Curtis Hobock - Tom Dooley Rock And Roll
A4 - Andy Starr - I Love You Baby
A5 - The Sabres - My Hot Mama
A6 - Eddie Dugosh - One Mile
B1 - The Sabres - Puppet
B2 - Andy Starr - Just A Walking
B3 - Jerry Ross - Small Little Girl
B4 - Curtis Hobock - Hey Everybody
B5 - Art Adams - She Don't Live Here No More
B6 - Eddie Dugosh - Strange Kinda Feeling

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

5 commentaires:

Major Dundee a dit…

Le lien is dead !

Armin a dit…

The link is not dead. I'm just downloading.

Thanks - Merci - Danke

from Germany


Anonyme a dit…

merci Uncle pour ce nouveau volume (quelle collection de fou tu as!!!)

Ben a dit…

Can you please renew links for this album, Vol.5 & Vol.16. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Ben a dit…

Thank you.. thank you...!!!
I think you forgot Vol.3 where I posted the comment. That's the last volume that I don't have. Could you kindly re-post that please.