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vendredi 31 juillet 2015

Crash The Party

A1 - Rollin' The Juke Box Rock (Tri Dec Unissued)
A2 - Ittie Bittie Everything (Buck Ram Presents)
A3 - Money Money (Buck Ram Presents)
A4 - Miss Bobby Sox (Tri Dec Unissued)
A5 - Rebel Rock (Instr) (Tri Dec Unissued)
A6 - Crash The Party (Antler)
B1 - Little Red Book (Antler)
B2 - Hey, High School Baby (Tri Dec)
B3 - Talking About It (Tri Dec Unissued)
B4 - I'm Doubtful Of Your Love (Tri Dec Unissued)
B5 - Steady With Betty (Dixie)
B6 - Spin The Bottle (Tri Dec)

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

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