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mardi 30 juin 2015

That's All Right

A1 - Jimmy Rogers - That's All Right
A2 - Jimmy Rogers - Ludella
A3 - Jimmy Rogers - Goin' Away Baby
A4 - Jimmy Rogers - I Used To Have A Woman
A5 - Jimmy Rogers - Money, Marbles And Chalk
A6 - Jimmy Rogers - Back Door Friend
A7 - Jimmy Rogers - The Last Time
B1 - Jimmy Rogers - Out On The Road
B2 - Jimmy Rogers - Act Like You Love Me
B3 - Jimmy Rogers - Blues All Day Long
B4 - Jimmy Rogers - Chicago Bound
B5 - Jimmy Rogers - Sloppy Drunk
B6 - Jimmy Rogers - You're The One
B7 - Jimmy Rogers - Walking By Myself

Vinyl rip and scans by bopping

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

r u gonna put up the rest of chess box sets? thanx

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi! The two other sets are on this (very good) blog :
Genesis 2 et 3 :
Vol.2 : http://dontaskmeidontknow.blogspot.fr/2013/03/variuos-beginnings-of-rock-volume-2.html
Vol.3 : http://dontaskmeidontknow.blogspot.fr/2015/04/various-genesis-beginnings-of-rock-vol.html

blackcough a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

thanx 4 the linx!