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dimanche 3 décembre 2017


A very interesting Bluegrass LP on the Countryville label from 1964. It's funny the LPs I turn up in thrift stores, the Countryville label would have been the very cheapest of bargain records when it was new, probably selling for around 50 cents or less. However, it's made up of tracks from the Starday and Kentucky labels, all classic Bluegrass. The first side starts with a Starday track by Carl Story, followed by four tracks from obscure singles originally on the Nashville label and a Starday instrumental cut by Jim & Jesse (all uncredited!). Side two consists of 5 tracks of early recordings by Jim & Jesse recorded as "The Virginia Trio" on the small Kentucky label. Oddly, the liner notes mention the Stanley Brothers, who are not featured on the album (I think the notes were probably cribbed from another album.), so I added a Stanley Starday track as a bonus. Fun, fun, fun. (Lonesome Lefty)

01 - Carl Story - Paul And Silas
02 - Mike Miller & Jack Casey - Love Me
03 - Lowell Varney - Corner Of My Heart
04 - Jim & Jesse McReynolds - Dixie Hoedown
05 - Justice Brothers - Dreamland
06 - Bill Luttrell - Sweetheart Of Mine
07 - Jim & Jesse McReynolds - Let Me Travel Alone
08 - Jim & Jesse McReynolds - Camping In Canaan's Land
09 - Jim & Jesse McReynolds - On The Jericho Road
10 - Jim & Jesse McReynolds - I Like The Old Time Way
11 - Jim & Jesse McReynolds - I'll Be Listening
12 - Stanley Brothers - Little Maggie (Bonus Track)

Riped and posted by Lonesome Lefty

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