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lundi 1 juin 2015

Cindy Lou

A1 - Mickey Gilley - I Ain't Goin' Home
A2 - Gabe Dean & The Moon Men - Slop And Stroll Jolie Blonde
A3 - Gene Terry - No Mail Today
A4 - Gene Terry - Cindy Lou
A5 - Gene Terry - Baby You're Fine Fine
A6 - Gene Terry - Teardrops In My Eyes
A7 - Larry Hart - Was It Me
B1 - The Teen Hearts - Little Bitty Pretty One
B2 - Anita LaFleur - Worried All The Time
B3 - Jivin' Joe Victor - Ready Ready Baby
B4 - Johnny Jano - Rock-Me-Baby
B5 - The Teen Hearts - Orelia
B6 - Charles Page & The Rockin' Aces - Able Miss Cable
B7 - Charles Page & The Rockin' Aces - Cat Walk

HQ Artwork scans by Hillbilly Boogie & La Gazelle

Sorry, I don't have more Ding Dong's Goldband Series Albums…
Except those (111-115-119-120 ) posted, long time ago, by Gyro1966 in his (excellent) Twilight Zone Blog...

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Anonyme a dit…

I just had 4 files that I downloaded but they showed incomplete with 2 of them at 99% and 2 at 100%. Previously, I would cancel those and start over but tonight I made a copy of each file and renamed the copy as the original file and they all unzipped with no errors.

So the next time someone has that problem, tell them to try my solution.

Oh, and thank you for all the files I get from your site.....


Anonyme a dit…

Don't apologise for not having any more...accept our grateful thanks for the ones you did post. Loving them all. My thanks to you.

Anonyme a dit…


Impossible d'ouvrir tous les fichiers, ils sont bloqués pour cause de virus ou fichier malveillant !