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samedi 23 mai 2015

Uh Uh Oh Yeah

A1 - Vernon Taylor - Your Lovin' Man
A2 - Vernon Taylor - This Kind Of Love
A3 - Tracy Pendarvis - Please Be Mine
A4 - Warren Smith - Tonight Will Be The Last NIght
A5 - Ray Smith - So Young
A6 - Mack Self - Mad At You
A7 - Ray Smith - Forever Yours
B1 - Johnny Powers - Me And My Rhythm Guitar
B2 - Johnny Powers - Waiting For You
B3 - Tracy Pendarvis - Uh Uh Oh Yeah
B4 - Mack Self - Love Memory
B5 - Warren Smith - Dear John
B6 - Warren Smith - I'm Moving On
B7 - Vernon Taylor - Mystery Train
B8 - Edwin Bruce - Eight Wheel

HQ Artwork scans by Hillbilly Boogie & La Gazelle

3 commentaires:

Mister Moon a dit…

Great stuff, as usual, Uncle Gil. Thanks !

PS.- Any chance you could reupload track B6 here, as it has a small skip at 1:08 ?. I'm not sure this particular outtake appears elsewhere. From memory, it's the only one ending with "The Golden Rocket" verse, usually played before the guitar solo. Thanks again !

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Mister Moon : Here's the track ripped originally by rico.
13 Warren Smith - I'm Moving On.mp3
Is the skip at "...rhythm on an ole guitar..." ?

Mister Moon a dit…

Thanks, Uncle Gil !

Yes, there's that small skip again, but thanks a million anyway for your time.

This is by far the best blog on planet Earth :)