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mercredi 27 mai 2015

Feel Like Rockin'

A1 - Curtis Hoback - Walkin' With My Best Friend
A2 - Curtis Hoback - Apron String
A3 - Ken Cook - Crazy Baby
A4 - Tommy Blake - Lordy Hoody
A5 - Ken Cook - I Feel In Love
A6 - Kenny Parchman - Feel Like Rockin'
A7 - Kenny Parchman - Tennessee Zip
B1 - Carl Mann - Rockin' Love
B2 - Carl Mann  - Some Echanted Evening
B3 - Carl Mann - Take These Chains From My Heart
B4 - Eddie Bush - Hey Baby Doll
B5 - Kenny Parchman - You Call Everybody Darlin' (2)
B6 - Kenny Parchman - Treat Me Right  (3)
B7 - Alton & Jimmy  - No More Crying The Blues
B8 - Kenny Parchman - Love Crazy Baby (2)

HQ Artwork scans by The Hillbilly Boogie & La Gazelle

6 commentaires:

Mister Moon a dit…

Thanks, as always, Uncle Gil. This is a great series of albums. By the way, did you upload this one yet? I may have missed it, both here and as an actual record :


Thanks again !

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi Mister Moon. I've not posted this one as it's not from Ding Dong's series. There are more volumes with Jerry Lee, Carl, Malcolm, Sonny aso...
Here it is :

Mister Moon a dit…

That's great. Thanks !

Mister Moon a dit…

Please, do check out this link, UG.

The back cover does indeed mention Ding Dong :


Uncle Gil a dit…

@Mister Moon : You're right! I will ask Ding Dong himself... He has no computer so I must go through a mutual friend...

Mister Moon a dit…

Please, say hello to Ding Dong from us, Uncle Gil.

His work with the Sun catalog was / is much appreciated, and those albums are still outstanding after all these years, and a zillion CDs later.

Thanks ! :)