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dimanche 10 mai 2015

Come Back Maybelline (Up)

A1 - The Everly Brothers - Keep A Lovin' Me
A2 - The Everly Brothers - The Sun Keeps Shining
A3 - Buddy Holly - Interview 1957
A4 - Big Al Downing - Down On The Farm
A5 - Big Al Downing - Oh! Babe
A6 - Nervous Norvus - Transfusion
A7 - Nervous Norvus - Dig
A8 - John Greer - Come Back Maybelline
B1 - Vince Taylor - Brand New Cadillac (1959)
B2 - Del vikings - Flat Tyre
B3 - Ronnie Self - Rocky Road Blues
B4 - Ronnie Self - Ain't I'm A Dog
B5 - Ronnie Hawkins - Little Red Rooster
B6 - Ronnie Hawkins - Going To The River
B7 - Conway Twitty - I Need Your Loving
B8 - Conway Twitty - Born To Sing The Blues

Artwork included. Posted by searnav

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Exeter a dit…

This is a rarity! I assumed I must have the only copy! Ha ha.
Really dug the labels, but the "stereo panned mono" or whatever they called it wans't so good. I think I have 4 LPs on this label, one is Little Richard's Peacock stuff, as I recall.. Thanks for sharing this rarity!

Searnav a dit…

My LP is one of the original copies; it was later re-released with black and white covers.

Xavier Maire a dit…

A propos de fesses (dessin de R. Crumb, savoureux: Crumb est "Charlie-hebd'honneur"), je conseille le truculent et récent "La guerre des fesses" de J.F. Kauffmann (de. Lattès)

Anonyme a dit…

Please reup this file.

Thanks Again, Great Site.

Searnav a dit…

New link 2014-08-29


Pablow a dit…

Please re-up this rarity! Thanks Kris

Anonyme a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

found it.thanx

Pablow a dit…


Tanktop a dit…

What an interesting & explosive collection here - YEAH!!
THANK YOU, my friend:)