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mercredi 8 avril 2015

I'll Share My World With You

A01 - Tender Years
A02 - Take Me
A03 - White Lightning
A04 - Flowers For Mama
A05 - Family Bible
A06 - The Unclouded Day
A07 - Even The Bad Times Are Good
A08 - Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong
A09 - When The Grass Grows Over Me
A10 - We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds
B01 - A Good Year For The Roses
B02 - Life Turned Her That Way
B03 - The Race Is On
B04 - Am I That Easy To Forget
B05 - Seasons Of My Heart
B06 - Color Of The Blues
B07 - I'll Share My World With You
B08 - Where The Grass Won't Grow
B09 - Developing My Pictures
B10 - Y'all Come

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

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