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mardi 3 mars 2015

Coyote, My Little Brother

A01 - The Power And The Glory
A02 - Pretty Saro
A03 - 70 Miles
A04 - The Faucets Are Dripping
A05 - Cement Octopus
A06 - God Bless The Grass
A07 - The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
A08 - Coal Creek March
B01 - The Girl I Left Behind
B02 - I Have A Rabbit
B03 - The People Are Scratchin'
B04 - Coyote, My Little Brother
B05 - Preserven El Parque Elysian
B06 - My Dirty Stream (The Hudson River Song)
B07 - Johnny Riley
B08 - Barbara Allen
B09 - From Way Up There
B10 - My Land Is A Good Land


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