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mardi 17 février 2015

Rollin' The Rock (Updated)

A1 - Martin 'Johnny Legend' Margulies - Rollin' The Rock
A2 - Martin 'Johnny Legend' Margulies - Are You Hep To It
A3 - Martin 'Johnny Legend' Margulies - Three D Daddy
A4 - Billy Zoom - Pinball Heaven
A5 - Billy Zoom - Bad Boy
A6 - Billy Zoom - Say When
B1 - Ray Campi - Jungle Rock
B2 - Johnny Carroll - Black Leather Rebel
B3 - Alvis Wayne - She Won't See Me Cry Anymore
B4 - Sid King - Drinkin' Wine
B5 - Chuck Weiss - Boogie Woogie Country Girl
B6 - Colin Winsky - Hoy Hoy Hoy

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

9 commentaires:

peeterspete a dit…

Hello Uncle Gil, did I miss Rolling Rock LP 008 ? Or is that still in the can. Keep the good work up, thanks.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Oooops !!!

A. Michael Uhlmann a dit…

Uncle Gil - thanks for sharing this - yesterday afternoon ran into drummer Mike Buck (on the Johnny Carroll track) - he's still playing, currently playing with a blues act - Eve Monsees - check her out. Also he told me that track was recorded in Fort Worth and not in California - yes Ronny was present, but Johnny Carroll produced the whole session that was recorded on that date.

Just my 2 cents - maybe that's of interest to you.

Salut du Texas

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Michael: thank you very much for that clarification. Interesting.

Evil Rev a dit…

Some of these tracks showed up in a "rockabilly porno" movie called "Teenage Cruisers" ( I once worked at a used record store that had the VHS in stock). Martin Marguiles (the original Johnny Legend) wrote, starred & directed the movie, IIRC. "Rollin'" Colin Winski, Jerry Sikorski & Tony Conn were in the film as well.

Billy Zoom once sent me an e-mail telling me that he only got $65 & a Johnny Burnette record for his work on the soundtrack

Lord Carrett a dit…

Billy Zoom ROCKS!! Thanks!

Anonyme a dit…

Link is broken :(
Vols 2 and 3 are still good though :)

Garage Punker a dit…

Is it possible to re-up this beauty? The other volumes are still alive, it would awesome to have the whole set.

Uncle Gil a dit…