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lundi 9 février 2015

One More Ride

01 - The Law Of Love
02 - Nobody's Child
03 - I Wonder Where You're At Tonight
04 - The Star Spangled Waltz
05 - Marriage Vow
06 - The Only Rose
07 - The Anniversary Of My Broken Heart
08 - I'm Movin' On
09 - With This Ring I Thee Wed
10 - Paving The Highway With Tears
11 - The Rhumba Boogie
12 - The Golden Rocket
13 - You Pass Me By
14 - Your Locket Is My Broken Heart
15 - Love Entered The Iron Door
16 - One More Ride
17 - Hobo Bill's Last Ride
18 - The Wreck Of The Old 97
19 - Ben Dewberry's Final Run
20 - The Mystery Of Number Five
21 - The Engineer's Child
22 - Bluebird Island
23 - Music Makin' Mama From Menphis
24 - The Highest Bidder
25 - These Things Shall Pass

Complete artwork (20 volumes) - Covers, 32 pages Booklet (in French)

8 commentaires:

Lurker a dit…

Hi, the link to the Triomphes de la country music complete artwork leads to a domain name for sale webpage, not the actual artwork.
Any way this coumd get fixed? Thank you.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Sorry for the inconvenient.

Lurker a dit…

No harm done, and thank you very much Uncle Gil!

trapink a dit…

Uncle Gil,

I cannot seem to find a link for Triomphes de la country, Volume 17 (Gospel) —

Could you provide a fresh link?

This stuff is tremendous — thank you.

Fred Salter a dit…

Thanks for the great Blog!!!! I have made a lot of rips from my country albums and wouldn't mind sharing. If you'd like a list of what I have done I can get it from my hard drive and give you a list. Reason I am writing is I have downloaded a lot of the "Les Triomphes de la Country Music" but am missing some. Don't know if you have them or my search is just missing the boat. Do you have Volumes 9, 11, 17 and 19? I have all the rest of the twenty you have posted plus some of the Rhythm and Blues and one of the Blues set. Do you have all sets listed?
Fred Salter

Uncle Gil a dit…

@trapink: @trapink: tested right now, it works fine. Try again :

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Fred Slater: The Country Music set is complete and all the links works fine.
Just type Les Triomphes de la Country" on the search button.
The Blues set is on his way...
I'll be very happy to see your list.
You can write unclegil.rockin(at)gmail.com
All the best

Fred Salter a dit…

Found 11 but the others are like an Elusive Butterfly. Cannot find 9, 17 and 19 for the life of me. I've tried numerous times. I have six pages of stuff and half of them come up the Rhythm and Blues set. Frustrating. I'll send you that list of my albums I've ripped asap.