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mardi 17 février 2015

Don't Let The Bad Times Get You Down

A1 - Don't You Know Little Baby
A2 - Gone Gone Gone
A3 - Rock-A-Billy Blues
A4 - Do Me What You Done Last Night
A5 - No Greater Love
A6 - Hole In The Wall
A7 - Your My Buttercup
A8 - Dixie - Sugarfoot Rag
B1 - Do The Rock-A-Billy
B2 - Don't Let The Bad Times Get You Down
B3 - Good Time Woman
B4 - Living With A Memory
B5 - Rock-A-Billy Baby
B6 - Ain't Going Home
B7 - Turn Away Go To Hell
B8 - Let's Go Rockin' Tonight

Found on the clouds many moons ago.
Fake home made covers due to the bad quality of original covers' pics.
Note: "Don't Let The Bad Times Get You Down" was written by French cats Jacky Dumery and Gérard Sublard (aka Jerry Dixie) !

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