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lundi 5 janvier 2015

The Rider

A1 - The Rider
A2 - The Nester
A3 - I Was Coming Home To You
A4 - Hello To Him (Goodbye To Me)
A5 - I Can Tell
A6 - Make That One For The Road A Cup Of Coffee
A7 - Gator Hollow
A8 - It Costs Too Much To Die
A9 - She's Gone, Gone, Gone
B1 - Running Into Memories Of You
B2 - Confused
B3 - How Far Down Can I Go
B4 - It's Bad (When It's Thataway)
B5 - I Don't Trust You Anymore
B6 - A Little Unfair
B7 - Woman, Let Me Sing You A Song
B8 - Preparations To Be Blue
B9 - Stranger

Vinyl rip and scans by Willie

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