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jeudi 15 janvier 2015

My, My, My

"Colonel" Jim Silvers, press agent, actor, auctioneer, aspiring opera singer and distant relative of King Records founder Syd Nathan, was an eccentric and eclectic performer whose entire legacy consists of two LPs, done in 1978 and 1981 for the CMH and About labels, respectively. They were ahead of their time, hinting at the sound of people like Dwight Yoakam. Indeed, associated with Silvers were Brantley Kearns, who fiddled with Dwight's band and guitarist-producer Richard Bennett, who produced and played on the material here before he caught on with Steve Earle, Marty Stuart and Emmylou Harris. Ray Campi slapped bass on the sessions for the About label, produced at Ronny Weiser's Rollin' Rock Studio by Bennett. Silvers was ahead of his time. He combined his own numbers with such country standards as Elton Britt's Cannonball Yodel, the Louvins' Cash on the Barrelhead, Kirk McGee's Blue Night and the Flatt and Scruggs/Ricky Skaggs hit Cryin' My Heart Out Over You (the latter done R & B style) His own numbers deserve better than they got. I Ate the Whole Damn Hog is a strong rockabilly performance while the delightfully screwy honkytonker Call Me A Cab should be covered by Marty Brown or Aaron Tippin. Neither LP sold at the time, but Silvers had a sound that anticipated things to come. The idea of doing a sort of mainstream country- bluegrass fusion with strong elements of rock became quite the hot item by the mid-eighties (partly through people like Steve Earle). However, Silvers's image was so unconventional that he couldn't have been molded into the standard country image any more than Steve Earle, one of those who benefited from Bennett's experience with Silvers. (RK)

01 - Cannonball Yodel
02 - Paul's Saloon
03 - My, My, My
04 - Eash Season Changes You
05 - Goodbye California (Hello Illinois)
06 - You Gotta Let All The Girls Know You're A Cowboy
07 - I Wanna Sees Las Vegas
08 - Waltz Across Texas
09 - Motel 2017
10 - Old Faithful
11 - Music Makin' Mama From Memphis
12 - The Last To Get The News
13 - Julie
14 - Cash On The Barrelhead
15 - For Your Own Good
16 - Ate The Whole Damn Hog
17 - Call Me A Cab
18 - Blue Night
19 - Cryin' My Heart Out Over You
20 - Ain't It Strange
21 - The Last To Get The News
22 - Music Makin' Mama From Memphis
23 - Losing You May Be The Best Thing Yet
24 - A Scrap Of Paper And A 20 Cent Pen
25 - Ocean Of Dreams

Found on the clouds. Artwork included.
Posted by Stampede

2 commentaires:

Rockin' Lyon a dit…

Bien joué camarade !! Et encore merci, c'est vraiment un disque terrible, surtout que je ne connaissais pas le 2ème lp, et "Music Makin' Mama From Memphis" m'a fait lâcher ma canne pour bopper comme un ouf dans ma cuisine !! Le genre d'artiste dont je me sens de la même "famille". En bref, "KIFFADONF !!!!"

paco's brother a dit…

Une voix splendide, un rythme béton, merci, je ne connaissais pas.