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jeudi 8 janvier 2015

My House Is Your Honky Tonk

A1 - Down By The Railroad Track
A2 - Let Me Give Her The Flowers
A3 - If I Had Half The Sense A Fool Was Born With
A4 - Somebody's Words
A5 - Lucky Arms
A6 - True Love Needs To Be In Touch
B1 - My House Is Your Honky Tonk
B2 - I Buy The Wine
B3 - If She Just Helps Me To Get Over You
B4 - Falling
B5 - Railroad Lady
B6 - I Can't Get Over You To Save My Life

Vinyl rip and scans by Willie


1 commentaire:

Risto a dit…

Love your blog Unkle Gil!

Most of my friends do not like Country music. So I just wante to share my mixtape with people who might appreciate: 'Don't Drink and Horse' (a.o. Lefy Frizzell)

Keep it up!

(Cologne, Germany)