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mercredi 31 décembre 2014

Run 'Em Off

A1 - Hopeless Love
A2 - Then I'll Come Back To You
A3 - The Tragic Letter (w Wayne Raney)
A4 - Two Hearts Broken Now (w Wayne Raney)
A5 - You Can Always Count On Me (w Wayne Raney)
A6 - I've Been Away 'Way To Long (w Wayne Raney)
A7 - Run 'Em Off
A8 - The Darkest Moment (Is Just Before The Light Of Day)
A9 - You're Too Late
B1 - My Little Her And Him
B2 - I Love You Mostly
B3 - You're There, I'm Here
B4 - Let It Be So
B5 - Mama!
B6 - Making Believe
B7 - Moonlight, Darling And You
B8 - I'll Sit Alone And Cry
B9 - A Forest Fire (Is In Your Heart)

Vinyl rip and scans by Willie

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zephyr a dit…

Many thanks for this album Uncle Gil