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lundi 17 novembre 2014

Billy Boy (Updated)

A1 - Jimmy Isle - Goin' Wild
A2 - Jimmy Isle - Without A Love
A3 - Jimmy Isle - Billy Boy
A4 - Ronnie Pearson - Flippin' Over You
A5 - Dale Vaughn - High Steppin'
A6 - Harold Jenkins - Give Me Some Love
A7 - Vern Pullens - It's My Life
A8 - Don Cole & Al Casey - Snake Eyed Mama
B1 - The Moonlighters - Broken Heart
B2 - The Burnette Brothers - Warm Love
B3 - Cliff Gleaves - Love Is My Business
B4 - Boyd Bennett - Move
B5 - Buddy Knox - I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself
B6 - Carl Phillips - Walking Blues
B7 - Don Webb - I'll Be Back Home
B8 - Ritchie Heart - The Great Duane

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

4 commentaires:

oldrockboy a dit…

Although Mega proposed Chrome, the Firefox download went 100% with max speed, but didn't finish, and I don't know where is the file.
Hopefully will be better - it's beta now.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ oldrockboy : You're right. Same thing for me...
Mega link is deleted!

oldrockboy a dit…

Thanks !

I found




Are there any file size limits on MEGA?

We do not impose artificial limits on file sizes other than your available cloud drive space.
However, some legacy or technically inadequate browsers require the entire file to be stored in memory for downloading
(Firefox, IE10, Opera), or for both downloading and uploading (IE9, Safari 5).

Dirk Bill a dit…

This link is dead regardless. I really need it because I have 1, 2, and 4! Please repost this.