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mercredi 26 novembre 2014

Another disrespectful guy...

If you come across this blog, do not think that I am involved in it even if you find many albums I've ripped and also a series of "HMC". This guy collects (leech) all around the blog world, especially here, and at Harlan Taylor,  Mr. Meadowlark, Lonesome Lefty... and ironically asked donations to "buy music to share."

Comments on Jud's (NCCollector1978) blog :

Anonymous  November 25, 2014 at 5:36 AM
Take a look at UNCLE GIL'S blog he's moaning about you stealing his artwork etc.
keep on goin' with this blog and steel his stolen uploads
all the best

NCCollector1978  November 25, 2014 at 5:49 PM
Some people are just jerks, i have friends who send me a lot of stuff, i don't know where some of it comes from some i have gotten from other sites but it's not like any of us own it we are just SHARING what we like with people who may not have heard it before. I grew up on this music and have a few thousand records here that i am in the process of cleaning and recording, yes i have had some donations and BOUGHT records or cd's with it and posted them here or have the vinyl stacked and ready for cleaning.

The same old excuse for the leechers : "Friends sent me this lot of stuff...".
NB: The "old school" asshole that I am always give credit when it's not his own work... 

Big T November 25, 2014 at 11:19 PM
Hi Jud
Just discovered your blog. Uncle Gil labeled you a Leech but he is inadvertantly spreading your fame. Otherwise
I wouldn't know about you.
I tried to download "Engine, Engine No. 9" but it is deleted on Zippy.
Any chance of a re-up.
Terence (In darkest South Africa)

NCCollector1978November 26, 2014 at 3:17 AM
I'll get it re-upped asap!! The guy is an idiot, none of us own this music we all just want to share it.

Andyrama November 26, 2014 at 4:44 AM
Great blog! Tip of the hat to Gil and Lefty for drawing so much attention to it!

NCCollector1978November 26, 2014 at 6:21 AM
Glad you're enjoying it!!

12 commentaires:

JOHN of 58 a dit…

C'est d'une grande tristesse, on ne peu pas grand chose contre les crapules de ce genre, si ce n'est que de faire circuler massivement l'information afin que personne ne se connecte sur le blog de cette sangsue.

Roffe a dit…

I agree very disrespectful.

Anonyme a dit…

Only three words : "SHAME, SHAME, SHAME !"
The Bootlegger

paco's brother a dit…

Du moins reconnaissons qu'il a un goût indéniable !!
D'autres, encore moins scrupuleux, ont le toupet de vendre votre travail, en particulier les "classics" et les intégrales d'Harlan ! Pas le même monde partageur de passions, un peu macrons sur les bords (euh, macros, bien sûr, vous aviez rectifié).

Lonesome Lefty a dit…

Wow, this guy actually comments on my posts, and makes requests! What an asshat!!!!
Incidentally, I doubt this will appear on his blog, since the comment is "awaiting moderation", but this is what I posted on his, ahem, repost of the Earl b& Joyce Songer LP I ripped...
"WOW!!! What a rarity! How did you ever find this, NCCollector1978? You must have "BOUGHT" a copy with "DONATIONS" and ripped it. I've certainly never seen or heard it before.....
It must be tough work, this blogging!"

Andyrama a dit…

I wonder how John Morris feels about seeing his 'Old Homestead' LP ripped and available for sharing on Don't Fence Me In?

Dagmar Binge must be overjoyed that all her CDs of material she licensed and remastered posted there for free as well.

I've seen my lps and my work reposted by lefty with no accerditation too.

Give your indignation a rest, this 'you stole my work' shtick cuts both ways.

If you post something on the internet you've lost it. It belongs now to humanity.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Andyrama: "If you post something on the internet you've lost it. It belongs now to humanity."
You're right. This is why we share the music we like.
This does not prevent politeness and to appropriate the work of others.

Andyrama a dit…


agreed! I was silent until the name calling in the comment above my original response on this issue.

My comments were not directed at you. I see the great lengths you go to to give attribution for the work of other people.

Public name calling by lefty when he engages in the same practices as Jud (donation button, no credit for work of others) is just plain gauche.

It needed to be called out, so I did.

Keep up your good work, I'm a daily regular here.

Anonyme a dit…

To have worked for 20 years for labels specialized in so-called "legitimate" reissues, I can unfortunately testify that music is certainly the least interest of the vast majority of the record inudstry. Only money counts. And be sure that, outside some "big names" among artists, almost all the musicians never get a cent from the majors from reissuing and rereissuing their recorded works.

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Uncle Gil, in Uruguay we say "zero ball" or "do not give a ball"( cero pelota o no le des bola). Means not paying attention to who upset. Lots of music to share, so much to enjoy, seize the good of the Internet and leave aside the inevitable idiots.
Thanks for all the music and the information!!!!
Pablo from Montevideo

Uncle Gil a dit…

Dear Pablo,
The Uruguayan are sensible people. Thank you for it. I am going (to try) to follow this good advice. :)

Lonesome Lefty a dit…

Apparently Andyrama is misinformed as to what "practices" I do/don't "engage" in on the various blogs I have been involved in presenting.

In addition to featuring content that I have transferred from LPs and other various source material (mostly on Scratchy Attic) I DO present albums that have circulated on the web at various times, either on now defunct blogs or on other file sharing networks. Before sharing such material, I take the time to check and correct all file names, tags, locate cover art, check for and replace missing and/or glitched tracks, etc. One thing I certainly DO NOT do is simply download some currently available posts from other well known blogs and repost them, and then claim I had no idea where they came from. Jud is free to do this, as is anyone, and is free to be called out on it as well. It's not illegal, just extremely discourteous.

I have maintained wonderful friendships with my fellow bloggers, and we have often collaborated and shared and helped each other in various ways, as a courtesy. If I were to simply download and repost currently live posts from Gil, Meadowlark etc. IN GREAT NUMBER and claim I didn't even know where the folders came from, they may not be able or even desire to stop me, but I would imagine their courtesy would dry up very quickly, and for good reason. Perhaps Jud was simply naive and didn't realize what he does is bad blog etiquette.

I should also mention that on the very few occasions where I have been contacted by someone claiming to be a rights holder of any content I have posted, I have obligingly removed the post, even though in some cases the content would be considered public domain in the country I posted it from. Again, this was a courtesy, because I respect the work of the people who have tried to keep good music circulating.

Lastly, I apologize if any content transferred from records willingly provided by Andyrama that appeared credited on Scratchy Attic were reposted on GCF uncredited. It was not my intention to slight Andyrama in any way. I also apologize if I offended Andyrama's sensibilities with the used of the word "Asshat".

Just felt I needed to correct a few incorrect assertions put forth by Andyrama.

So I did.