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samedi 11 janvier 2014

Boogie Woogie Lou

A01 - Jersey Rock
A02 - Travelin' Boogie
A03 - You're My Cutie Pie
A04 - Gone Gone Gone
A05 - Back, Back, Back To Baltimore
A06 - Tennessee Boogie
A07 - Chew Tobacco Rag
A08 - Huckleberry Boogie
A09 - Boogie Woogie Lou
A10 - Dolly Dimple Dance
B01 - I Got Loaded
B02 - Crazy Heart
B03 - No More Nothing
B04 - I'm Tying The Blues With A Big Blue Ribbon
B05 - I Got A Lot Of Things For A Lot Of Nothing
B06 - Hard Hearted You And Chicken Hearted Me
B07 - You're Gonna Be Lonesome Someday
B08 - All Dressed Up
B09 - Never Been So Lonesome
B10 - I Could Lose The Blues (If My Baby Were Back)

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

2 commentaires:

Howdy a dit…

A man with a guitar that nice, has to be cool!

Anonyme a dit…

This is great stuff. Perhaps the best Hank wanna be I've ever heard. Many thanks.