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samedi 28 décembre 2013

Rock Me All Night Long

01 - Pig Foot Pete
04 - Get Off It And Go
05 - Old Shank's Mare
06 - Down The Road Apiece
07 - Bombo B. Bailey
08 - Tennessee Saturday Night
09 - Am I In Love
10 - Oakie Boogie
11 - Cow-Cow Boogie
12 - The House Of Blue Lights
13 - Jump Back Honey
14 - Big Mamou
15 - Forty Cups Of Coffee
16 - Have Mercy Baby
17 - Money Honey
18 - Rock Me All Night Long
19 - How Can You Leave A Man Like This
20 - Lovey Dovey
21 - Give A Little Time To Your Lover
22 - Smack Dab In The Middle
23 - Razzle Dazzle
24 - Seventeen
25 - When Boy Kiss Girl (It's Love)
26 - Give Me Love

Home made cover and comp

8 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Je regrette plus que toute autre chose tout le temps et le travail constant que vous avez fait jusqu'à présent. . . . Tout cela est bien dommage! Copyrights ne pense pas que l'affaire est beaucoup dans vos messages. Merci en tout cas Jil.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Merci Jil. On ne baisse pas les bras.
Petit à petit je remettrai quelques uns des albums précédents...
Merci de vos encouragements.

Gyro1966 a dit…

I check the blog every day, so I get what I need right away. I feel bad if file hosting is down, but its best to act quick with the blogs you enjoy.

Fred_ a dit…

Dear Uncle Gil, vous avez aussi tous les remerciements d'un autre Frenchy qui vous suis depuis longtemps... et sans doute de beaucoup d'autres...

theoldgrinch a dit…

Good music, i'm glad to have it, but i can't keep my frustration to myself any longer, why spend so much time on a worthless cover for a nonexistant album & then leave out the most important part...the recording dates, for me, if i cant get the recording date (or at least the release date)then i cant add the music to my collection, there are many of us out here that absolutly must have the recording dates, Cheers

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks very much! I actually met Ella Mae Morse one time when she was appearing at a small club in Hollywood. I think it was sometime in the 1980s, but, of course, I can't remember the (ahem) exact date.

Crab Devil

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ the oldgrinch : Don't be frustrated any longer. Stop coming here!

Chocoreve a dit…

Cher Oncle Gil

Merci de partager ta splendide collection.
Ne fais pas attention aux grincheux, les gens cools comme Gyro et moi apprécient énormément ton dur travail !!