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samedi 8 février 2014

Rockin' Country Fever

A1 - Johnny Powers - Treat Me Right
A2 - Johnny Powers - Gonna Hurt You
A3 - Harold Jackson - Milcowblues Boogie
A4 - Bill Davenport - Rock'n Roll With Mom And Dad
A5 - The Dazzlers - Something Baby
A6 - Morris Brothers - Rockin' Country Fever
B1 - Art Adams - Indian Joe
B2 - Carl E. Tyndall - Hillbilly Rock
B3 - Country G-J's - Go Girls Go
B4 - Ray Campbell - A Ball Tonight
B5 - Billy Tidwell - Folsom Prison Blues
B6 - Bob Vidone - Frankie And Johnnie

Vinyl rip. Artwork

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Duke a dit…

I was a young man when I first purchased this great LP. I'll have to dig it out and play the platter again.